[unisog] Non-travel security training worth the investment

dknapp at calpoly.edu dknapp at calpoly.edu
Thu Apr 15 16:22:47 GMT 2004

I've been to several SANS courses and have found them all valuable.  I've also 
taken some Knowledge NET classes, and they weren't as good.  The difference is 
mostly in the LABS - Knowledgenet didn't have any.  So I think it's going to 
depend on what kind of security class you are taking.  If it's an audit or pen 
testing class, then it might be better to take a few days off and research the 
tools and then take the SANS class online.  

If it's an overview, then knowledgenet should be fine.  One benefit of 
knowledgenet is having multiple instructors, so one can be teaching while 
another is answering questions via an IM type interface.  I recently took a 
class from vmware, and there was only one guy, and I really noticed the 
difference.  However, he was able to go through some of the demo's in real 
life, which was nice.

So, I think it's going to depend on the actual class you take.  You might want 
to narrow down your choices to specific classes from specific vendors, and ask 
about the pros and cons of each.

dknapp at calpoly.edu

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