[unisog] MediaSentry Copyright Infringement Notices

Rita Seplowitz Saltz rita at Princeton.EDU
Tue Apr 27 11:09:06 GMT 2004

Jeanne [and others],

On March 14, we received a notice from MediaSentry on behalf of 
Columbia Pictures, which indeed documented an IP address not assigned 
here, nor--according to the ARP cache for the time period 
indicated--used here at that time.  I left voice mail for Mark Weaver 
(whose signature appears on the notice) and sent e-mail, asking if they 
might have made a typo in collecting or transcribing the IP address, 
and received no reply.

Yesterday,  I processed another notice from MediaSentry regarding the 
same newly-released film, but indicating an IP address which is 
assigned and in use.  However, the owner of the computer in question 
sounds genuinely clueless about downloading, and (though this will be 
verified by our Solutions Center Clinic when she brings the box in for 
help in examining it) professes not to have the indicated file (or any 
.avi file) on her machine.  Again, I left voice mail for Mark Weaver, 
but as of this writing have had no reply.  After the last (unresolved) 
question, any notice I get from them involving this particular film 
(and perhaps any property) is subject to question.

If I hear from them (which, at this point seems unlikely),  I'll pass 
along what they say.

Rita Saltz
Senior Policy Advisor
Office of Information Technology (OIT)
Princeton University
and DMCA Agent for Princeton University
rita at princeton.edu

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