[Dshieldannounce] DShield Update - 13/12/2000

Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at euclidian.com
Thu Dec 14 03:24:53 UTC 2000

Yesterday, the 'Top 10 Attacking IP' ranking was changed. 
We now only use recent submissions, and rank source IPs
that attack multiple IPs higher than source IPs that 
attack the same IP over and over. Attacking multiple 
ports will also "improve" the ranking.

I also just finished a complete reimport of all data 
submitted so far. This should take care of some problems
that came up due to changes to the import script I made
to accommodate for variations in the supported format.

There may soon be a 'moderated discussion' list. Unlike
the current discussion list, only topics directly related
to DShield will be allowed. No general security discussion.
The current open discussion list, and this announcement 
list will persist unchanged.

  Thanks everyone for their support, and keep sending in


jullrich at euclidian.com

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