[Dshieldannounce] Format Update: Time / Time Zone

Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at euclidian.com
Sun Dec 24 02:03:17 UTC 2000

  We will start adding time information to the database.
Right now, we just keep track of the date of an attack.
In order to support times, we will also need to track
time zones. Here are the amendments to the report 
submission. All these changes are backward compatible,
so existing submission software will still work.

  - The default time zone is 'GMT'. 
  - if you use a different time zone, indicate it's 
    offset from GMT in the subject line after the
    letters 'TZ'. Eg.: TZ +01:00 for Central Europe,
    or TZ -05:00 for Eastern US.
  - ZoneAlarm logs will add the time zone information
    to each line of the log. This is ok, you don't need
    the 'TZ' part of the subject line.
  - For the 'DSHIELD' format, you may add time and time zone
    to the 'date' field, separated by a space.
    e.g. right now:
    2000-12-23 20:58:01 -05:00

Again: All this is backward compatible. If no time is
given, '12:00 GMT' is assumed.

We will soon add the ability to set default time zones for
authenticated users.

   Have a good Christmas!

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