[Dshieldannounce] Update: 16-FEB-2001

Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at euclidian.com
Sat Feb 17 03:43:38 UTC 2001

   More visuals: Check out our new and improved top 10 port report. 
   It now includes little graphics showing the history over the last
  30 days. If you visited the site today, you may have seen some
  inconsistent results. We are currently trying to make these reports
  more meaningful and telling by excluding some ports. Also, we 
  experimented using different time frames for our top 10 ranking.
  So far, we settled on the last 5 days to rank ports and attacking IPs.
  Port 137 is excluded from the list, as most of these reports are not
  attacks but based on the windows name lookup fluke. 'Pings' are also
  excluded. However, port 137 and pings are still kept in the database
  and can be searched for.

   We also had a problem with one of our two servers. No data was lost,
  but you may have gotten some bounced mail and refused connections.
  Everything should be back to normal. The machine was up for 400+
  days and I guess it decided that it needed some rest. 

   I need some more willing pgp testers. It looks like we have some
  problems with GPG vs. PGP. If you use PGP or GPG to sign or encrypt
  your reports to dshield, please let me know if your reports are
  added correctly.

   Thanks all for the reports! And don't forget our linkback banners
  at http://www.DShield.org/linkback.html ;-) 1.6 Million lines of 
  reports as of today.

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