[Dshieldannounce] Join the DShield.org Collective

Johannes B. Ullrich euclidian at euclidian.com
Thu Feb 22 14:58:46 UTC 2001

  We are ready for the next step in our DShield evolution.
As part of this next step, we look for a few individuals
who would run their own DShield.org site. These sites would
collect logs from their user communities, and either make
them available directly, or pass them on to dshield in a
consolidated form. Ideally, this would be an ISP or a 
network administrator, who would like to provide this as
a service to their users. Individual users are however
welcome and if you and a few friends of yours would like
to start a dshield.org server, just let me know.

  What do you need:

- you need to know perl, php and mysql. Have it installed
  on a Linux box. 
- time (quite a bit probably).
- mail server (sendmail) and accessories (procmail..)
- a server. You probably need to have root access for it
  to get everything setup. How much hardware you need
  depends very much on how many submissions you expect.
  But any Pentium class machine with enough memory will
  probably do.
- constant Internet connection preferred. Dynamic
  IP is ok (see below).

  What you get:

- basic dump of our current code base. Not exactly 
  well documented. Its all in perl and php.
- host name. We will assign you a 'dshield.org' hostname,
  e.g. 'cooldude.dshield.org'. Your IP can be dynamic.
- help, as much as we have time to provide.
- dshield.org e-mail address (several if you want/need...)

  What we expect:

- help us develop the code. Fix bugs and add documentation
  and features.
- share your data, either by submitting it to the main site,
  or by offering your own web based interface.
- share your improvements.
- patients ...

If you intend to use a dorm/cable modem/DSL connected PC,
make sure your ISP/School wont mind if you run a server.
Hostnames are handed out on a 'first come - first serve' basis.
You first need to have a basic install up and running before
you get it ;-)...

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