[Dshieldannounce] DShield.org Update: 11-JAN-2001

Johannes B. Ullrich euclidian at euclidian.com
Thu Jan 11 14:02:02 UTC 2001

Some updates:

Improved 'My Reports' page:
   After each IP address, you will see the number of
reports submitted against this IP and the number of
IP addresses scanned by this IP. The numbers are written
as a 'fraction'. "  20/3"  would indicate that
there are 20 records total implicating address
These records show scans of 3 different target IPs.

   We start to experiment with some feeds. These feeds
are intended for inclusion in other web sites and
automated parsing. So far, there are two feeds:

    Summary of attacks recorded the day before. This
feed is updated once a day at noon EST (1700 GMT).

    Summary of all reports against a certain IP.
replace in the example above with the IP
you are looking for. It will list the total number
of records and the target ports (including count
of records).

  These feeds are intended for redistribution, so we
do not have a problem with you including them in any
web page or other publication. Please give dshield.org
credit as a source. For details, custom feeds, or
suggestions email 'feeds at dshield.org'

Link to DShield.org. For logos and banners see

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