[Dshieldannounce] DShield.org Update (May 09 2001)

Johannes B. Ullrich johannes at dshield.org
Wed May 9 20:30:32 UTC 2001

  Time for another DShield.org update.

  (1) New server is up and running. Thanks to SANS
      ( http://www.sans.org ) for the donation.
  (2) We are adding little 'police car' icons to IPs
      for which we notified administrators as part
      of our 'Fight Back' initiative. This way, you
      should be able to check if an administrator
      was notified even if we didn't pick your log
      as a sample to send along. (and don't forget
      to sign up for Fight Back!).
  (3) Big news on the client front. Tamosoft is
      working on a DShield client for its CommView
      sniffer software.  
      Several users have expressed interest in Windows
      client development based on my update post to
      the general 'discussion' list on Monday.

  Keep up the great support for DShield. Soon to come:
   - more reports...
   - new homepage design (up any minute now ...)
   - even better banners for your homepage...


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