[Intrusions] need a suggestion of tool for pentest web application.

Rick.Wanner at sasktel.sk.ca Rick.Wanner at sasktel.sk.ca
Tue Jul 5 16:01:12 GMT 2005

I gather you are looking for a web vulnerability scanner.  You can do a 
reasonable job with the freeware nikto 
(http://www.cirt.net/code/nikto.shtml).  If you need to have a commercial 
product or want the better reporting you get from the commercial products, 
I am partial to AppScan 
(http://www.watchfire.com/products/security/default.aspx) or WebInspect 

WebInspect is the incumbent in the market.  AppScan is an up and comer 
that is making good progress into the market.  In my opinion AppScan has 
better reporting than WebInspect including very good compliance reporting.


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[Intrusions] need a suggestion of tool for pentest web application.

Hello list, 


Anyone can suggest me a tools to do a pentest on web application like
intranet etc and tell me why this tool is nice.

If possible with a license "per engagement".


Thx in advance.

Sorry for my bad English.



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