[Intrusions] ocelot

ocelot ocelot at adelphia.net
Thu Jul 7 18:38:15 GMT 2005

To whom this may concern;
I was in the yahoo.com messenger Christian Chat this AM I get hit alot on yahoo,but this morning,I was hit and lost server connection,took me quite a bit to get back on.====Just a few minutes ago I opened my mail,=mail.Adelphia.net,this was in my In box,I have no idea what it is never commicated with this firm=unless by a  link,that I was unaware of.Please check this .Thank You' ed     


A message sent by you was blocked by GWAVA - Content protection for Novell GroupWise. 

The message was blocked for the following reason(s): 

  a.. Spam 
The message contained the following information: 

      Subject: Haunted by your credit score? 
      From: ocelot at adelphia.net 
      Recipient(s): MARKSM at nbps.k12.wi.us 
      [No Cc Addresses] 
      [No Bc Addresses]  

The following information details the events that prevented delivery of this message: 

      Event Details 
     The message was identified as potential spam 
      If your email is legitimate business with the New Berlin Public School District, please go to the following website and fill out the requested form to have your email address added to our exception list: http://www.nbps.k12.wi.us/ims/id26.htm Email addresses on the exception list are not blocked as spam and are allowed thru the system. If your emails are of a personal matter, please resend your email to a personal email address of the recipient. 


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