[Dshield] More on "possible trojaned wlogin.exe?"

Mark Rowlands mark.rowlands at minmail.net
Wed Aug 1 17:28:56 GMT 2001

On Tuesday 31 July 2001 21:17, you wrote:
> First of all, my apologies-- it was wlogin.exe, not wlogon.exe.I wanted to
> pass more info onto you in case it rang a bell.
> I re-started the server, hoping that the wlogin process would be released.
> It wasn't. Additionally, a netstat immediately after re-boot showed the
> following two connections:
> Tcp (http) from <my server> to
> cr002.digital-integrity.com:1385  LAST_ACK
> Tcp 1033   from to httpd.icechannel.com:6667 CLOSE_WAIT
> A few minutes later, the port from the connecting system changed from 1385
> to 3473.
> Thanks,
> John
peculiar, wlogin.exe  at least the only one I know about, is a netware 
file....what is this doing on your server?, icechannel are an advertising 
company in the carribbean, 6667 is commonly used for irc. I would thinking 
about putting a sniffer on the box and monitoring the traffic, getting rid of 
wlogin.exe (et least temporarily!)   You might want to run inzider 
(ntsecurity.nu) or fport  www.foundstone.com-- this is an NT /2000 box we 
talking about?  both of these apps  attempt to see what applications are 
opengin which ports and you can see if it is wlogin.exe opening connections

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