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Are you safe from the CodeRed virus - simple test & fix
What was all the fuss about? 
The Code Red internet worm failed to strike - or did it? While reports indicate that over 400,000 servers were compromised, there is still a chance that the worm will infiltrate web site computers until August 19th. It's still early days, but it highlights the need for applying patches in a timely manner and the importance of protecting the web server from similar attacks.
Key steps
* Are you vulnerable? Test and find out http://www.xtranet.co.uk/codered/default.htm 
* What are your options? http://www.xtranet.co.uk/codered/CodeRedQuestion.htm
* What can you do to protect yourself? http://www.xtranet.co.uk/_Products/eEye.htm
* If you want to discuss this in more detail, please reply to this email or call 0118 957 7800.
Stopping it happen again
* Protecting your Web server. Provision of eEye software, onsite installation and training £900
* Penetration Testing - Internal and External testing from £450.
Who is Xtranet?

Xtranet are working with eEye Digital Security, the organisation that

identified the CodeRed virus on 17th July. Our Internet Security Division

provides security advice and solutions to major organisations in the UK.

Xtranet also develops web-based applications (http://www.xtranet.co.uk/services)

and has numerous clients in the financial, pharmaceutical and government

sectors (http://www.xtranet.co.uk/Clients).
Interested in Security 
Xtranet are running a free Masterclass security seminar in October.
See http://www.xtranet.co.uk/Press/Releases/2001/1207_Sec_sem.htm
This information is distributed by Xtranet to alert you of security
vulnerabilities and how to protect against them. This notice has been sent
to you because in the past you have sent emails to Xtranet. We apologise for
our approach but the CodeRed Worm is a serious threat and Xtranet would like
to make you aware of a solution. 
This is a one-off mailing and you will not be contacted again unless you
have further contact with us. If you are not the correct contact we would
appreciate if you can forward this to the relevant person within your
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