[Dshield] RE: Web Shots

Craig Shaw CraigS at caamb.mb.ca
Fri Aug 3 15:37:23 GMT 2001

The Web Shots is a download services that provides a variety of wallpapers
etc. They are downloaded regularly to your PC - at least this has been my
experience. There is an active-x control that allows the downloaded bitmaps
to be set up as the wallpaper. If you've limited the active-x, then it may
be just saving the bitmaps to the desktop.

        We had a user slip this in under the radar a few months back - they
didn't need admin privileges to install it. I didn't like the idea of anyone
automatically putting anything on my desktops (even bitmaps) so we removed
the software.

        Hope this helps.

Craig Shaw
Systems Administrator
CAA Manitoba
(204) 987-6035
craigs at caamb.mb.ca

Robert D said...

> Hello-I searched this site:
>and found it to be a "WebShots" file extension-photo stuff ..

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