[Dshield] constant scans from my own ISP

Mel Chandler PMI MChandler at pmi.delta.org
Mon Aug 6 16:43:02 GMT 2001

Just FYI, but I've found sympatico to be one of the worst ISPs for
controlling abuse from their network.  I get more spam, attacks, hacks, etc
from their network than any other.  If it's possible, you should consider
another ISP.

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I have been getting scanned constatly from the following segment 65.92.*.* I
am using stars for the last 2 sets as it is all over the range given to
BellNexus. The sad part is it is my ISP. I called tech support and asked if
they were infected with the code red worm or if it was a script from their
servers as it was all over their block, he told me " well sir I garentee you
it is not our system that is doing the scans. If you think you have a valid
complaint sumit it to Abuse at sympatico I told him I would do so, but would
also be posting my logs to Dshield,(something I did not want to do as it was
my own ISP) and he said that was fine. I thaough that by calling them it
could be resolved relitivly easily but.....


ps if someone thinks that the logs will tell them something they are wlecome
to them
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