[Dshield] constant scans from my own ISP

security@admin.fulgan.com security at admin.fulgan.com
Tue Aug 7 11:53:36 GMT 2001

The CodeRed II wo4rm seems to have a strong preference for the network
of the infected machine. I am getting 20 request from my class B
domain for ever requests from outside...

Good luck,

D> RE: [Dshield] constant scans from my own ISPI use them because they
D> are the best bet in town for high speed access. I can choise
D> between cable or dsl. I tried the cable it was worse, so that
D> leaves dsl

D> Andy

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D>   Just FYI, but I've found sympatico to be one of the worst ISPs
D> for controlling abuse from their network.  I get more spam,
D> attacks, hacks, etc from their network than any other.  If it's
D> possible, you should consider another ISP.

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