[Dshield] fighting back against CodeRed

Chris Newton newton at unb.ca
Tue Aug 7 17:46:26 GMT 2001

Hmm, didn't Max Vision of www.whitehats.com, just start his jail term (18 
months if I remember correctly) for doing something similar?

  If I remember correctly, he released something that tried to fix the BIND 
DNS hole, or something?


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>I agree that the ethical and legal ramifications need to be examined closely.
 Here's my thoughts regarding gaining access to infected computers...
>Could something like the good samaritan law be invoked?  A passing computer 
appears sick.  Are you not obligated to fix it if you know how?
>Would gaining access to a computer for the purposes of fixing a security hole 
be considered any worse than putting fluoride in someone's drinking water to 
insure they don't get cavities?
>My $0.02_
>David Sentelle
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