[Dshield] RE: fighting back against CodeRed

Eric Rosander erosander at matrixns.com
Tue Aug 7 19:23:30 GMT 2001

I agree with Mark. Just ask Max Vision what you get when you do this in the
name of "the forces of good".

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On Tuesday 07 August 2001 17:19, you wrote:
> The machines are not going to get patched by the owners.
> The patch has been out for months.
> CodeRed (And II) have been out for days.
> Wake up. Responsible people have already patched their boxes. Nobody else
> has, or will.
> Any quibbling that may come from the owner is easily squashed. "You want I
> should have just formatted & rebooted? That was an easier program to
> write", and "your box was probing mine. I made it stop."
> No they might not hold up in cort, but I'm willing to bet I'm a bigger
> pr*ck than anyone who might be stupid enough to try to take me to court
> over patching a box they wouldn't patch themselves.

Courts and lawyers and judges don't care about right and wrong, they care
about the Law and Money.  The court is,however,  an important place that
really matters because in court, they can take away your computers, your
right to work in your chosen career and your freedom. So it don't matter if
you are the biggest swingingest dick in the land, if you can't get it up in
court ;-).  So please, be a bit wary and a bit thoughtful, I'd hate to see
people end up in prison over this bit of net nonsense,

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