[Dshield] 2318 Windows servers attacking my network with CodeRed !

Robert robert at chalmers.com.au
Tue Aug 7 22:36:58 GMT 2001

As of this morning, I counted 2318 unique IP numbers and resolved addresses
in my access_log containing the default.ida packet.

I have the full list if anyone wants it, in a small txt file. 2318 ip/host
addresses. Yes, I have sent logs yesterday to the dshield address.

This really is a major probelm. How on earth could one possible contact al l
those hosts to warn them. Given the % of pirated systems out there, not a
few of these hosts won't even be running the software legally and so won't
be willing to respond - and may indeed themselves be the perpertrators !

If anyone has a bit of software that can filter the port 80 traffic, I'd
really like to see it!
Indeed, is there a piece of software that can automatically track these
IPs/ISPs and send warnings to them?


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