[Dshield] fighting back against CodeRed

Paul Brogden paul_brogden at lexmultipart.com
Wed Aug 8 11:33:17 GMT 2001

Yes, I saw that about an hour later when the site reappeared.
My tongue was very firmly planted in my cheek when I came up with that
theory though - I don't for a second believe that Mr Gibson would ever do
such a thing - but there are people out there who would, and tbh I'm
surprised they haven't.

I have noticed a drop in port 80 hits overnight, is anyone else seeing this?


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> > As for what can be done with all those boxes - I reckon Steve 
> > Gibson is
> > using them to show The Register (www.theregister.co.uk) the 
> > power of raw
> > sockets - the site has been strangely unavailable all day. <g>
> Nah - they are having "problems with their CISCO router"... the fix for
> which appears to be hampered by the fact that the guy who configured
> said router is no longer working for the company, and neglected to tell
> anyone the password before he left... *grin*.
> Ben
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