[Dshield] fighting back against CodeRed

Alain-Jean PARES ajp at infodyne.fr
Wed Aug 8 14:49:39 GMT 2001

At 09:22 08/08/2001 -0400, you wrote:
> > I have noticed a drop in port 80 hits overnight, is anyone else seeing
> From my IIS logs, yes. Only 6 last night, down from 48 the previous evening.
>2 from last night (midnight until 6am) and 8 from the previous day were from
>another NT server on the state wan. I did a trace on it, found the offending
>machine, and called there network admin this morning. She was slightly
>embarrassed, but I assured her that all was ok. :) Sent her some logs and a
>link to the fixes, she is going to locate the machine and will let me know
>when it's patched.
>I've yet to hear from anyone else I've emailed.

How lucky you are !!!

French report :
01/08/03 :19   hits (019 type I, 000 type II)
01/08/04 :68   hits (020 type I, 048 type II)
01/08/05 :237 hits (012 type I, 225 type II)
01/08/06 :331 hits (009 type I, 322 type II)
01/08/07 :313 hits (007 type I, 306 type II)
today (at 4 PM):154 hits (001 type I, 153 type II)

Alain-Jean PARES

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