[Dshield] Various Updates

Samuel Samuel at socal.rr.com
Wed Aug 8 23:07:08 GMT 2001

I think that daylight savings time is confusing. DST seems like such a
simple thing, yet since (according to the Window registry timezone data) GMT
recognizes DST, I think that many people would be confused about whether to
set their TZ variable dependent upon DST.

For systems using Windows, timezone information is available from the
operating system. I would be very surprised if Unix is not as sophisticated
as Windows. I do not understand why we must specify our timezone when the
operating system probably knows better than many (most) of us what to use.

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> - Time Sync: There are a lot of new log submitters. Please make sure
>   your system clocks are in sync. We provide a little tool to help:
>   The page http://www1.dshield.org/timestamp.php will send a packet
>   to your computer that should be logged by your firewall. Later,
>   when you submit the log, it will send you an e-mail indicating the
>   offset.

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