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Chris Johnson Kris_Johnson at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 9 06:08:00 GMT 2001


You are overlooking the fact that my PC is being attacked.  As I sit here, 
my quiet, unassuming laptop is having its locks tested.  I should be able 
to do something in response to make the attack stop.

We have to workout what is a reasonable response when your computer is 
being attacked.

And I doubt typing;

...into the address line of my browser and pressing Enter will have the FBI 
on a plane to Perth.  Not that it works anyway.


At 09/08/2001, you wrote:

>From: Dustin Decker <dustind at moon-lite.com>
>Chris A. Johnson wrote:
> > The real-world analogy is that someone pokes you so you slap them.  Fast
> > and with a sting, but with no possibility of permanent damage.


>Folks, I cannot stress it enough.  Hell, I'll even beg you if I have to,
>please don't run off crossing these lines this way.  We're all relatively
>intelligent "hackers", and we aught to know better than to add fuel to the
>fire.  What if someone from the press starts using transcripts of this
>mailing list?  Ever thought of that?  We get all bent out of shape about
>our good little word "hacker" being used vice the appropriate "cracker",
>and yet here we are in many cases actually considering a course of action
>born of cracker mentality.

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