[Dshield] A few minor stats. kr/tw/jp and an interesting asid e for those paying by the Mb

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Hey Rob where is OZ are you from?

(nothing to do with Redalert)

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for those paying by the Mb


Over last night, I recorded 941 http calls to default.ida on this machine
alone. Never mind the rest of the network!.

Of those, 93 resolve to host names

of those 93, 45 are Taiwanese (.tw)
23 are Korean (.kr)

and 4 Japanese (.jp)

and 21 others. .com/.au/.net/.hk

I have no idea at this stage of how to track down the other 848 !!!  oh

Do you also realise, that the extra traffic generated, for those like us in
Australia who have to pay by the Mb ( 20 cents a Mb downloaded! ) all the
extra traffic is going to cost you a FORTUNE.

If you live in Australia, complain to the ACCC. I did, and they are _very_


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