[Dshield] A few minor stats. kr/tw/jp and an interesting aside for those paying by the Mb

Mark Rowlands mark.rowlands at minmail.net
Thu Aug 9 13:10:23 GMT 2001

On Thursday 09 August 2001 06:27, you wrote:

> I have no idea at this stage of how to track down the other 848 !!!  oh
> well.

Download snort  http://www.snort.org  and in the contrib section is a  
utility called  SnortSnarf.pl, untar that and you will find  IPAddrContact.pl 
and IPAddrcontact.pm .  Feed it an IP and it will try and come up with a 
contact name for the address.  For the lazy / or those  paying for bandwidth 
you can get just those two files from, stick the 
.pm in your perl include path  and  off you go (works under windows as well 
with activestate perl and io::socket  )

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