[Dshield] Re: Fighting CR2

Phil Helms philhelms at inr.net
Thu Aug 9 13:20:50 GMT 2001

There are limits to what you can legally do.

There is also a grey area, but do you know what you can do in it and
not get burned?  I don't.

Your situation isn't desperate if your defenses aren't being breached,
you still have decent access to the net.

What we need is not net wars, or even net raids.  We need action by
those in a position to take such action, and maybe CR will prompt

What we need to do is encourage change in the right direction to
bring about a safer net.  Addressing our concerns to the governmental
and commercial powers that be, and educating John (or Joanne) Q.
Admin, is the path we need to take... not the path of vigilantism.

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On 8/9/2001 at 2:08 PM Chris Johnson wrote:

>You are overlooking the fact that my PC is being attacked.  As I sit
>my quiet, unassuming laptop is having its locks tested.  I should be
>to do something in response to make the attack stop.
>We have to workout what is a reasonable response when your computer is

>being attacked.

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