[Dshield] Questions on using sndmail.exe

Aaron Williamson Aaron.Williamson at realmed.com
Thu Aug 9 17:00:22 GMT 2001

Does anyone have experience using this utility that came with the
DSHIELD Windows Cisco PIX Client?

I ended up writing a small perl script to parse my pix logs (located on
the windows box), but would like to use the sndmail.exe tool or one
similar to it in order to submit my logs.  Problem is that I can't seem
to get around the following error:

Error code    = -3
Error message = "SMTP server error response"
Error info    = "501 5.5.4 Invalid Address"

I'm using a small batch file to run sndmail.exe, here it is:

l:\progra~1\cscopx\dshield\sndmail.exe -b
l:\progra~1\cscopx\dshield\output.tmp -s "FORMAT DSHIELD USERID 18535698
TZ -05:00" -f aaron.williamson at realmed.com -r
aaron.williamson at realmed.com -X mail.realmed.com

Am I missing some other switch on the command line? or does this point
to some other problem?



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