[Dshield] New To List, Few Questions.

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Wed Aug 8 21:50:16 GMT 2001


I am currently employed by a small company with a T1 connection through
the internet.  We are using an Ascend (Now Lucent) Pipeline 130 Router.
There is a firewall behind it, but only a few ports are open to get
through to the servers.  95% of the traffic is stopped by the ports
blocked on the router.

I do have the ability to send that information to a syslog port
somewhere, and I am currently using Kiwi's SyslogD for Windows to
monitor that router.

After watching the route for a few minutes, I am making a guess that I
am blocking between 5 and 6 requests a second to random IP addresses on
port 80.  None of these are published anywhere as valid HTTP servers.
Noticing that they are all comign from the same ip addresses in a row, I
am led to believe that they are Code Red infected computers searching
for more victims.  When opening the Ips in a browser, I am seeing that
they are all coming from IIS servers.

What I am wondering is if there is a client for Dshield.Org that will
interpret the syslogd logs to use.  I am not able to write a client to
do so.  Is anyone else in a similar situation?

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