[Dshield] Various Updates

Samuel Samuel at socal.rr.com
Thu Aug 9 04:42:51 GMT 2001

I have attached C++ source code for a small console program for systems
using Windows that shows the timezone bias as provided by Windows. A VB
programmer should be able to create the Declare Statement for using the
Windows SDK function GetTimeZoneInformation in a VB program. This could be a
separate utility at least that should make it easy to determine the correct
value for TZ. I can of course provide a compiled Windows executable for the
C++ version.

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> > For systems using Windows, timezone information is available from the
> > operating system. I would be very surprised if Unix is not as
> > as Windows. I do not understand why we must specify our timezone when
> > operating system probably knows better than many (most) of us what to
> The main problem comes in when you use a different system to send logs
> than the system that collects them. The two systems may use different time
> zones.
> Unix can find out about its time zone (date +%z). And the newer clients
> will use that by default. The problem is that most firewall logs do not
> include the time zone on each line. Idealy, they should just be recorded
> in UCT/GMT. But most sysadmins don't like this.
> I know time zones are a weird issue, in particular with DST (I think it is
> Indiana where some counties use DST while others dont).
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