[Dshield] Re: Fighting CR2

Robert robert at chalmers.com.au
Thu Aug 9 22:17:11 GMT 2001

Couldn't agree more Chris.

Personally, I am of the opinion that that the people at the very top of the
chain could control this.
I've actually been in the Operations Centre of one of the less well known
organisations who's sole purpose is monitoring traffic. They have the
capacity to 'see' the contents of _every_ packet pushed over the internet -
so why can't they talk to the major ISP's or do it themselves - and to write
filters that watch for the specific http call, in this case default.ida, and
simply filter it out?
Well, at least the ISPs could do it anyway.
But then that's half the problem isn't it. They are quite happy to charge us
for the traffic, so why should they block it?
... maybe I'm just being a little cynical this morning.


> Dustin,
> You are overlooking the fact that my PC is being attacked.  As I sit here,
> my quiet, unassuming laptop is having its locks tested.  I should be able
> to do something in response to make the attack stop.
> We have to workout what is a reasonable response when your computer is
> being attacked.
> And I doubt typing;
> ...into the address line of my browser and pressing Enter will have the
> on a plane to Perth.  Not that it works anyway.
> CJ.
> At 09/08/2001, you wrote:
> >From: Dustin Decker <dustind at moon-lite.com>
> >
> >Chris A. Johnson wrote:
> >[snip]
> > > The real-world analogy is that someone pokes you so you slap them.
> > > and with a sting, but with no possibility of permanent damage.
> [snip]
> >Folks, I cannot stress it enough.  Hell, I'll even beg you if I have to,
> >please don't run off crossing these lines this way.  We're all relatively
> >intelligent "hackers", and we aught to know better than to add fuel to
> >fire.  What if someone from the press starts using transcripts of this
> >mailing list?  Ever thought of that?  We get all bent out of shape about
> >our good little word "hacker" being used vice the appropriate "cracker",
> >and yet here we are in many cases actually considering a course of action
> >born of cracker mentality.
> >
> >Dustin
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