[Dshield] snort utility to capture email addrs. WAS - A few minor stats. kr/tw/jp and an interesting aside for those paying by the Mb

Mark Rowlands mark.rowlands at minmail.net
Fri Aug 10 15:00:38 GMT 2001

On Friday 10 August 2001 02:53, Robert wrote:
> I added a bit of code to IPAddrContact.pl to write the email address+IP to
> a file, where I can then email the culprits - if I think it's worth it.
> Maybe its not. Who can say. I could have added an autoemail to the program
> as well, but I'm not sure I want to add to the junk already out there!
before the co-ordinated efforts were announced I did a run like that. I got 
around a 5% response rate, nearly all were auto responders. Kudos for best 
response to German ISPs. Big raspberry to Italian  ISPs :-)

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