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Fri Aug 10 22:31:26 GMT 2001

Just thought I would add a little more frustrating insight to an already 
frustrating situation. I'm running my trusty 98 SE and have been monitoring 
this Code Red thing for over a month. All my ports are locked down and only 
in the last week has there been an abnormal flurry of activity trying to get 
into my port 80. But to the point. Example I have a relative who six months 
ago acquired a 2000 machine. She knows absolutely nothing about computers and 
thinks of it like any other household appliance. She downloads and opens 
programs like it was Christmas. I called the other day to inquire if she put 
the MS patch in. Her first reaction was what for, followed by aren't they 
supposed to do that. Then she explained that she thought that only network 
servers were the only ones susceptible. Then she complained her AV program 
expired. Typical of a new machine. then she said anyway her machine was under 
warranty. I explained that it wouldn't probably cover damage covered by a 
I'm afraid she is infected and doesn't have the concept to understand that.
I perceive one thing in all this. Mass marketing PCs  has created a dilemma 
for all users alike.  I believe the solution may be at the point of Internet 
access, whether it be Dial UP, LAN or FIBER OPTIC. Infrastructure networking 
can monitor their own. Packets is not a new Idea just how to effectively 
deliver them to do no good.
Remember Ladies and Gentleman kindness prevails, grin and bear it.
Our "LAWS" remind us of that every day. I Just wonder why it's OK to bomb 
Iraq when we need to get a point across.
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