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john.worley john.worley at ntlworld.com
Sat Aug 11 18:33:37 GMT 2001

Hi Johannes.    I can to a certain point agree with what you say
concerning Firewalls and MY GRANDMA.  But if all ISP's were told to
apply this measure of security to all their customers, don't you think
they would then be charging GRANDMA a lot more for her service, then
we may end up with no one apart from Big Business using the Internet,
because all "Us little People"  will be priced out of the game.   I am
at a loss to see why ISP.s should be applying the Fire Walls, they
should be saying to their customers as part of the contract between
both customer and ISP.  "The Customer is required as part of the
contract to insure that they have the proper protection against  virus
and hacker attacks" and then perhaps the ISP together with companies
like Norton's/Mcaffe/Zone Alarms. and all the others out there, agree
the best deal for their customers and provide a link to the Site/s so
that customers can then obtain the recommended protection and advice
possible,   That way I feel the "Customer" is then going to ensure
that if they want access to the Internet they must first get the
protection and then they get the Service at no extra cost PER MONTH.
all they may have to do is a One Off Payment for the Protection they
obtain.  Much better than having to pay the ISP for this service,
which no doubt will be Per Month or whatever.  Knowing most ISP,s
there is no such thing as a FREE LUNCH.  Look After Number One First.

John Worley

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> - Home systems are notoriously unpatched and it is in my opinion
> unreasonable to expect my grandma to stay up to date on the latest
> patches. I think in this case, it should be the vendors (MSFT) and
> ISPs duty to protect her system. FIREWALL MY GRANDMA ! FIREWALL HER
> Even for professionsl systems, software vendors should be held to
> standards. While I think it is reasonable to ask system
administrators to
> keep up on patches, vendors should at least offer a service where
> will do it for you. I understand that MSFT is not offering such a
> IBM on the other hand does. (And of course will they be allowed to
> for it).
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