[Dshield] port 80 detects increasing tonight on @home subnet

Stephan Odak Win2k at home.com
Sun Aug 12 00:05:09 GMT 2001

port 80 detects increasing tonight on my @home subnet

I just received a (recent) days worth of port 80 detects in the last couple
of hours on my @home connection.

FYI from Reuters:

The Code Red computer worm has mutated into a third more dangerous variant,
South Korea's Information and Communication Ministry has said. 
"About 10 damage reports have come in which were believed to have been the
result of the latest Code Red III," Ko Kwang-sup, an official at the
ministry, told Reuters on Friday. 

He said the Code Red III worm spreads even faster than earlier versions and
leaves a wider "back door" on infected machines, making them more vulnerable
to future hacking. 

The ministry said about 43,201 servers at 15,000 Korean organisations or
companies had been hit by versions of Code Red so far. Nearly 1,400
instances of damage had been reported. 

"Actual damage might have been higher than reported figures," the ministry
said in a statement. 

The Code Red worm spreads surreptitiously through a hole in certain
Microsoft software such as Internet Information Server (IIS) Web software
and Windows NT or 2000 machines operating systems.
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