[Dshield] cidaemon.exe and Road Runner intrusions (Zeev Shilor)

shilor shilor at optonline.net
Sun Aug 12 16:57:23 GMT 2001

In the last few days Road Runner or one of his customers has been
scanning my computer, trying to connect to cidaemon.exe service running
on Windows XP. This application is a part of XP operating system, named
as "Indexing Service filter daemon" and is automatically activated on
start-up. I have noticed that 2 cidaemon processes, owned by SYSTEM, are
always running simultaneously. 
Can anyone provide me a better idea of:
1. Why would RR be interested in this application?
2. How can I deactivate this processes?  
3. What is the price of deactivation this processes?
Zeev Shilor
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