[Dshield] Who's doing what

Steven Hull h2s0c023 at cablerocket.com
Sun Aug 12 18:25:43 GMT 2001

 I'm sorry, but that way of thinking is just one way for the ISP, NOT to
take responsibility for what they provide.  Imagine if I used that concept
of thinking, into purchasing an automobile.  What the auto companies would
say is "we'll sell you an auto but it is your responsibility to install all
the safety measures in that auto."  Can you imagine the uproar from the
public???  Well it should be the ISP's resonsibility to ensure that EVERYONE
on their network is as free as possible from attack and the users
responsibility, to an extent to ensure they too are secure and virus free.
A personal firewall can cost as low as FREE.  Just use Zonealarm from
http://www.zonealarm.com.  At least the user can feel a bit more sercure
knowing they have done their part.  I like to refer computer security to the
corporate safety way of thinking.  Just as safety is everyones
responsibility, so too is the security of the network.  ISP and user alike
has to take some responsibility for the equipment and services they use and

Steven Hull

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> Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001 19:33:37 +0100
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> Hi Johannes.    I can to a certain point agree with what you say
> concerning Firewalls and MY GRANDMA.  But if all ISP's were told to
> apply this measure of security to all their customers, don't you think
> they would then be charging GRANDMA a lot more for her service, then
> we may end up with no one apart from Big Business using the Internet,
> because all "Us little People"  will be priced out of the game.   I am
> at a loss to see why ISP.s should be applying the Fire Walls, they
> should be saying to their customers as part of the contract between
> both customer and ISP.  "The Customer is required as part of the
> contract to insure that they have the proper protection against  virus
> and hacker attacks" and then perhaps the ISP together with companies
> like Norton's/Mcaffe/Zone Alarms. and all the others out there, agree
> the best deal for their customers and provide a link to the Site/s so
> that customers can then obtain the recommended protection and advice
> possible,   That way I feel the "Customer" is then going to ensure
> that if they want access to the Internet they must first get the
> protection and then they get the Service at no extra cost PER MONTH.
> all they may have to do is a One Off Payment for the Protection they
> obtain.  Much better than having to pay the ISP for this service,
> which no doubt will be Per Month or whatever.  Knowing most ISP,s
> there is no such thing as a FREE LUNCH.  Look After Number One First.
> John Worley

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