[Dshield] HTTP Code 408s

M. Poole urgen at triyana.mine.nu
Mon Aug 13 00:30:29 GMT 2001

I am wondering whether the remote shutdown script found at
http://www.dasbistro.com/default_ida_info.html featured in a response to
slashdot, wouldn't actually be a good way to reduce bandwidth problems
except that it is probably as intrusive as a worm itself and may be as
unethical as well.  What happens if you accidentally shut down a critical
production service of someones?  I've seen enough foibled patch instructions
to know that due diligence could have been followed without proper results
established making it not necessarily 'their' fault enough to 'deserve' to
be shut down.  But it sure cuts to the chase on how to inform the people who
have no idea that they are hosting a worm in the first place.

    Mark Poole

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