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I poked about in there for a while.  Someone certainly put a lot of
work into the site.  Some of the text I read was not very well
written/edit.  They list a lot of employees.  There's a section for
applying for a staff position, where one discovers that "all
positions are volunteer service".  It also states that:

"Every Officer and Staff Member is assigned a Badge number and a
Staff I.D. number.
Badge numbers are for identification purposes and used on
Identification badges,
these are not police badges and do not infer police powers.
If you are issued an actual Web Police badge, it will also be
embossed with this number."

They claim to have been serving the Internet since 1986.  I've been
in system administration since 1986 myself, and in security admin for
some years now as well.  I've never heard of them.  Others in this
forum have never heard of them.  My security peers have never heard
of them.  This last fact seems to me to be the most suspicious.

They do provide phone numbers for contact.  Under the listing of
member officers, it suggests that one can "see our staff roster for
details", but I can't find the staff roster - maybe I'm getting blind
in my dotage.

The Founder/President's name is Peter Hampton.  Never heard of him. 
I did a search on that name & found the following link, which seems
to show that InterGOV.org has been around since at least May, 1998:


Another article from March 2000 has the BBC using the phrase "Peter
Hampton, founder of the Global Internet Monitoring Agency":


A site called CFOL - "Directory of Credit Investigation &
Miscellaneous Services" - provides a link to ScamWatch, which is
mentioned on the Web Police page:


An undated article entitled "Some Statistics and Facts on
Pornography", which uses undefended statisticsfrom InterGOV
International, founded by Peter Hampton:


There are other postings.  This does seem to lend some credence to
the idea that there's something real behind the organization. 

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I agree they look suspicious but they also have a security mailing
list that
seem to have accurate tand timely information. They might not be as
as the mailing list gives the appearance that they are but I think it
worth investigating. I do not have the time or expertise to pursue it

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> > There is a "Web Police"; see: http://www.web-police.org
> Never heard of them.  Looks like another attempt of an advertise
> financed web site.
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