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How about this:
You are renting a duplex.  Your tenant and you are neighbors.  He come and
goes normally from his duplex. Everything seems to be normal.  But when
he/she is inside he conducts illegal business (let say pushing drugs).  When
you rented the apartment you assume he/she is of good character ( this is
why he got the lease).  But unknown to you, your tenant has other plans.
This is like a Trojan Horse, very innocent in appearance but has deadly
Then the business is conducted via telephone or email ( what else).  He goes
out to deliver the goods. Lots of car coming and going in your duplex will
attract attention from cops if not from you.  Then one day cops suddenly
come raiding your tenant's place.  Suddenly you are stunned about the
activities going on.
Most users are just happy to have their computers working.  They have no
idea of what is going on every time they connect to internet, download
files, received unsolicited emails.
Then they are surprise when they are told of what is happening to their
I do not know if this help, but that is my $.02.

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Just a curious question to all you admin. How or what do you say to the 
average 2000 user who's machine may have been compromised and is being used 
as a server. Can anyone come up with a non tech language that they can
understand. Also there are a lot of youngsters experimenting with scanning 
easily found on the net. I know the mfg. should take the lead, but to date I

haven't heard of any one of them E-mailing notices to their customers. 
Curious John 

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