[Dshield] CR-2 Removal Tool

Paul Marsh pmarsh at nmefdn.org
Thu Aug 16 11:46:17 GMT 2001

Regarding what to say to a use............
Dude, your machine has been hacked by some human who thinks it's funny.  Now
get up out of your seat and let me fix it before anything else goes wrong.
Sorry early morning humor :)

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Just a curious question to all you admin. How or what do you say to the 
average 2000 user who's machine may have been compromised and is being used 
as a server. Can anyone come up with a non tech language that they can
understand. Also there are a lot of youngsters experimenting with scanning 
easily found on the net. I know the mfg. should take the lead, but to date I

haven't heard of any one of them E-mailing notices to their customers. 
Curious John 

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