[Dshield] Code Red Endurance Record.

Gary Garrison garyg at fbtc.net
Thu Aug 16 13:13:46 GMT 2001

Possibly the original infection vector... first link in the chain?

alas, I'm too paranoid.

Gary Garrison
garyg at fbtc.net

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  The 'Code Red Endurance Record' goes to for scanning port
80 from June 5th through August 16th, not even taking a break from
7/20-8/1 (interesting, very early start date btw. good be that back then
the machine was actually infected with something else).

  The machine is located in Thailand. I will try to contact the owner and
send him his price (one DShield T-Shirt and a CD with patches burned just
for them...)

inetnum: -
netname:     THAINET-TH
descr:       UniNet(Inter-university network)
descr:       Office of Information Technology Administration
descr:       for Educational Development
descr:       Ministry of University Affairs

  While connection attempts to port 80 on that machine are refused (maybe
they are cheating their way to the top of the list by using a NAT
gateway?), here a couple of apache log entries I have to confirm that this
is indeed code red:


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