[Dshield] Port question

Jochen Grotepass Jochen.Grotepass at sagadc.de
Fri Aug 17 14:30:13 GMT 2001

We have recognized the same behavior and found that people using "passive"
FTP mode are creating this sort of problems. This means the FTP-client is
requesting the data port for FTP. The FTP-Server opens this port and the
client tries to connect to it. In our installation, the CISCO does not
accept a dynamic reconfiguration for this type of request and the client

Perhaps a simple reason for this problem.

Jochen Grotepass

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> Lately I've been seeing repeated attempts to reach ports 
> 1033, 1034 and 1035
> on my router. They're all coming from What 
> kind of probe is
> this? I can't find this port as signifying anything.
> Thanks,
> dave
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