[Dshield] SNMP Trap Watcher

Scott Johnson scott at advancedtool.com
Mon Aug 20 12:53:26 GMT 2001

Is there any other supported trap watcher for reporting logs?  This 
recommended program refuses to keep settings filtering out the @out and 
local IP addresses.  Unfortunately now it's decided that it's going to 
start logging all access to my corporate website.

Maybe it's not a big problem for other folks, but I noted one of my 
customers IP addresses showed up on the reports with a fightback 
graphic.  I'm thinking they might not visit my site very often if their ISP 
called them constantly.

Please don't look at this as a flame.  I'd love to keep reporting however 
if this Trap watcher is the only way I can do it, I'll need to stop.

Scott Johnson
Advanced Tool and Cutter Grinding Co., Inc.

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