[Dshield] Someone is looking for formmail.pl script...

security@admin.fulgan.com security at admin.fulgan.com
Thu Aug 23 16:37:38 GMT 2001

>> > Somebody is scanning domains and try to find existance of CGI script
>> > formmail.pl If the script exists, than the information is e-mailed to
>> > address woah at aol.com .
>> Time to mailbomb woah at aol.com? >:)

JK> Although said in jest... I'd not recommend doing that, ever. Two reasons:
JK> You won't really hit the person you want, as they can just switch to another
JK> mail address. The only thing you'll accomodate is to commit a crime, which
JK> might get _you_ in trouble - after all, what mailbombing really does is to
JK> abuse the ISP's service.

Not counting the fact that you might be hitting the wrong target: it
might well be that woah at aol.com is an innocent user that someone tries
to mail bomb using external servers to cover his tracks...

Good luck,

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