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Ken McKinlay ken.mckinlay at dy4.com
Fri Aug 24 13:47:43 GMT 2001

In reference to Miroslaw's comments, does "Code Red" ring a bell with
regards to "The security whole[sic] is well known...". 

Just because a security vulnerability is well known and/or publicized does
not mean that people actually fix the problem on their systems. Many systems
exposed on the Internet are run in a "fire & forget" mode by people that do
not have system and security administration backgrounds. 

Although the responsibility of maintaining those systems is still in the
owner's hands, I think it is also our responsibility as "good neighbours" to
report those incidents that we detect to the appropriate parties.

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> John Hardin wrote:
> > Time to mailbomb woah at aol.com? >:)
> Be mecifull to them :o) Besides, I do not beleive that that 
> they can find
> somebody using the formmail.pl script. The security whole is 
> well known...
> Miroslaw


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