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Crane, George D George.D.Crane at bankofamerica.com
Fri Aug 24 18:42:27 GMT 2001

If you are really worried I would load ZoneAlarm on your machine. That
tracks both what comes in and what tries to go out from yr computer. You can
get a free version of this from www.zonelabs.com - the pro version also has
an email scanner (it costs about 25usd I think)
It is ok to open a reg file in a text editor and save it back to disk -
that's how I write most of mine.


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New here. I think code red is just a door opener for other stuff. I 
have never received as much suspicious possible virus email as I have 
during the past 2 months.

I just reformatted this computer because there was way too much 
evidence of something... so it's 5 days old.

I found my link to windows explorer looked like this last night:

I have an executable in here already that does a running process, but 
I cannot find it even with hidden files showing.

Not like theres a lot of stuff in here so it should be easy one would 
think... my computer sends two passwords at logon to my isp. That I 
cannot figure out yet either. They are getting in here I think via 
email. Then they sync data out somehow. I have deleted 'mobsync' 
twice and it showed up again last night. I do wonder I am logging in 
twice to my isp or to someone elses??? I have been through all the 
settings numerous times, I am not a novice, and I cannot find the 
problem. figure I will determine what I need on this end to fully 
protect the mailbox/system then formatt again and reload clean AGAIN 

Does anyone know if its possible for a hacker to affect the bios of a 
system? On last format this drive seemed to remember stuff it should 
related to internet connections. I could just be ultra paranoid about 
that one but it sure did seem that way.

Does anyone know how to remove unneeded stuff from a systems 
registry? Whats safe, whats not? is it ok to open the reg file in a 
text editor then save back to disk?


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