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Fri Aug 24 19:06:47 GMT 2001

Ken McKinlay Wrote:
> Just because a security vulnerability is well known and/or publicized does
> not mean that people actually fix the problem on their systems. Many
> exposed on the Internet are run in a "fire & forget" mode by people that
> not have system and security administration backgrounds.

I think Ken is right. There could be people who did not fix this security
problem yet.

> Although the responsibility of maintaining those systems is still in the
> owner's hands, I think it is also our responsibility as "good neighbours"
> report those incidents that we detect to the appropriate parties.

You are right. However, if I find bunch of lines in logs then it is
difficult to post a warning to each system administrator. Webamsters and
S.A. should to join the Dshield digest list and see the information. The
best we can do it now, it is popularizing this mailing list in our websites.

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