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Gary Porter gary.porter at matcomcorp.com
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.zl9 is an extension that Zone Labs replaces .exe with so that the
executable can be safely quarantined and run (if desired) under controlled

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Speaking of ZoneAlarm and email viruses.  I recently got an email from a
spoofed email address with an attachment that had a .ZL9 attachment.  At
first I thought this was some sort of script for setting up a rule in my
ZoneAlarm which would open ports for a trojan, MS-networking, or some other
nefarious purpose.

Regardless of the fact that it's default association was with ZoneAlarm, it
was an EXE file, as I dragged it into notepad and saw the telltale 'This
program cannot be run in DOS mode' text in the first part of the file.

Anyone heard of anything like that?  If the odd .ZL9 extension peaks
anyone's interest I would be glad to forward it via means other than the

Happy Weekend everyone!)

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You say that you suspect that your system was intruded through email, and it
is my understanding that ZoneAlarm will protect us from that. ZoneAlarm's
purpose is as a firewall but it also has a feature that is effective on
email too. There are many other software that will shield us from intruders
attempting to get in through email.

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