[Dshield] Road Runner

John Hardin johnh at aproposretail.com
Tue Aug 28 17:22:54 GMT 2001

Mitch Thompson wrote:
> Am I dreaming, or shouldn't it be possible for the highly skilled RoadRunner
> sysadmins to cross-ref the TCP/IP address, and date-time stamp to find the
> MAC of the cable modem assigned that address and then to notify the
> subscriber that they need to fix their machine?  Or even turn off the cable
> modem remotely?

$ure it$ po$$ible, but what i$ the incentive to RoadRunner to go to the
effort and expen$e of auditing the $ecurity of their $ub$criber$? Who do
they bill? Being a "good network citizen" doe$n't contribute to the
Bottom Line.

Here's what we might be able to do, though: forge a letter from the RIAA
to RoadRunner accusing the offending IP address of sharing copyrighted
files. They'll terminate service within a few minutes... :) :) :) <-

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