[Dshield] Code Red rising sharply again

mike harrison meuon at highertech.net
Tue Aug 28 18:55:36 GMT 2001

> As you can see at our Code red stats at 
> http://www.security.nl/misc/codered-stats/,
> the number of probes is rising sharply.
> Fear not! as this is most probably Codered.d
> re-infecting machines from people living
> under a rock or two.

1. School is back in session. Lots of kids that did not previously
   have access to fast 'net connections, and have new PC's. 

2. We are also seeing new scans that seem to be brute force
   login attempts on porn sites. One client at a school
   showed several machines attacking similiar sites. 
   This may be a worm, it may be a program run intentionally.
   We'll find out soon... 


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