[Dshield] Code Red rising sharply again

Marco van Berkum m.v.berkum at obit.nl
Wed Aug 29 11:48:07 GMT 2001

Patrick Oonk wrote:

> Hi all,
> As you can see at our Code red stats at
> http://www.security.nl/misc/codered-stats/,
> the number of probes is rising sharply.
> Fear not! as this is most probably Codered.d
> re-infecting machines from people living
> under a rock or two.
>         Patrick

Yeah, same here:
Code Red(mont) attacks: 21891
Approx: Bytes wasted: 20074047

This is since Code Red(mont) started,
measured on 5 ip's.

I have more Code Red(mont) attacks than hits
on my sites :)

Marco van Berkum

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